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W3 Total Cache

All Production Wordpress sites hosted at CanTrust need to have an effective caching plugin installed. What is "caching" and why does my site need it? By default Wordpress has no caching.  This was just fine when Wordpress was being used to display simple blogs, back in the early 2000s [...]

Hosting Backend Access

Primary Access to the hosting backend access is done via encrypted SSH or SFTP connections. We run SSH/SFTP on a non-standard port of 22222. We also provide phpMyadmin access for web-based database debugging and administration. We do not provide cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, or other web based control panels. This is [...]

Email Setup | Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird Setup Thunderbird is a free Open Source email program developed by the Mozilla foundation (the same people that bring you the Firefox web browser). It's a good choice because it's open source, so it is free and works with all mail sever options. The Lightning calendar extension [...]

Nextcloud calendar set-up on a Mac desktop

Set-up your Nextcloud calendar on a Mac desktop. Open Nextcloud and open the Calendar app. Scroll down the bottom left click "Settings and Import" for the calendar settings, scroll down to the very bottom link: copy iOS/macOS CalDAV address and copy that. https://* Paste that to a text file [...]

September 8th, 2021|canWork, Nextcloud|

Create a simple form

An easier way to collaborate. A simple form to gather information easily. A simple multiple choice form in Nextcloud: canWork Dashboard Go to Forms Create new form Add your description or notes Add your question Add answer choices Add share options public | private | via link Adjust [...]

November 18th, 2020|canWork, Nextcloud|


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