Our Community

CanTrust supports organizations that build Canadian communities.

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Over our 10 years, CanTrust has developed a clear understanding of how to sustainably grow a social purpose organization. There are four key elements that differentiate CanTrust from our competitors:

  • Local Service Support – CanTrust is built with local jobs, equipment hosted locally (currently Burnaby, Coquitlam and Mississauga). Our members, with decades of experience, offer real value in our support expertise.
  • Dedication to Community – Our dedication to helping our community organizations get online on secure, Canadian-based web hosting.
  • Locally Controlled Infrastructure – We are running our own hardware in Canada. Many “Canadian” web hosting companies are merely resellers of US-based cloud services.
  • Connected to the Co-op Values – We are a co-op with all the values and principles that brings to the table.
We very much agree with Professor Daniel Côté, when he wrote in 2019:

“We believe that the co-operative organization generates added social value, which creates space for the expression of solidarity, the development of civic values, the consolidation of communities, and a more fair, humane and sustainable society.”

– Professor Daniel Côté