Drupal Hosting

Managed Canadian hosting for Drupal sites.

Choosing hosting for your Drupal site is an important step in your websites’ life journey. You’ve invested in a performance based website, it needs special attention to keep up and running.

Drupal Hosting

Drupal is in our DNA. CanTrust was originally created to host Drupal 4.7 sites, and Drupal hosting has always been our main specialty.  Over the years our team have collectively developed hundreds of Drupal applications and we hosted everything from small research projects to virally popular blogs, news agencies, and activism platforms – the drop is always moving!

Drupal offers incredible possibilities but a very technical learning curve.  Our Drupal experts tune each site we host for maximal performance.  Our rock-solid Drupal hosting environment will ensure your site remains working for as long as it needs to.

We host Drupal 8, Drupal 7 and even the EOL Drupal 6 (at no marked up cost).

We work with your developer to configure all sites we host for security and performance. Drupal can cache to RAM using the Memcached module, which we configure with all websites.

For Enterprise customers, we add Varnish Cache and HAProxy to the mix for maximum performance and scalability. Go viral, without fear of downtime and without spending a fortune!

Enterprise plans also include a separate development instance on a physically separate development server, for absolute isolation from production. These are especially useful for multi-developer teams to safety test and showcase their work in a production-like environment.

For developers, We provide SSH, Git, drush, Composer, drupal_console, Node and other essential dev-ops tools.