Here are the ways to get support

Out of scope support is $125/hourly and has a 2 hour weekend or after hours, minimum.

canWork Cloud Docs
Knowledge Base Articles

What does “support” include at CanTrust?

One of CanTrust’s values is knowledge sharing. We believe that we should all increase our digital literacy together. To maintain this value, our support offerings include opportunities for you to learn and understand our services and your digital products even better.

The full CanTrust support package includes support tickets, canWork docs, a FAQ page, a Glossary, and a Knowledge Base.

Support Tickets: Support tickets are issues that can be submitted to our team members and then tracked throughout the process from submission to resolution. The great thing about tickets is that our clients can follow where we are in the resolution process, and that we can pass tickets on between available team members so that you get the fastest response and resolution time.

canWork Docs: Our canWork docs are a resource for our canWork business package apps. The quickest way to learn how to use these tools.

FAQ Page: Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page contains a collection of the most common questions we get from clients with solutions attached. If your issue is listed in our FAQ’s, this could be an immediate way to resolve an issue.

Glossary: Technical terminology can sometimes feel like jargon, and we want to demystify it. Our glossary provides simple, easy to understand explanations of some terminology that we expect you may encounter.

Knowledge Base: The Knowledge Base is a collection of support articles, videos, and documentation as part of the self-service area of our support. While this is also the fastest route to resolving an issue, our goal is to share knowledge with you so that you can feel more confident with the digital tools you are using. We update the Knowledge Base often and actively so if there is an article you want to see there, email [support at] and we will work on getting it up there!

How can I access support for my CanTrust services?

You have these options for requesting support from the CanTrust team:

  1. SUBMIT A TICKET VIA SUPPORT.CT.COOP: If you already have a user account for our support system, visit to submit a ticket. Don’t have a user account? email to request a user login so that you can submit, track, and comment on tickets.
  2. EMAIL US: You can email us at Once you send your email to us, our system will automatically generate a ticket for your issue that goes straight to our support team. You should receive a confirmation that your issue was successfully received.

Support Ticket Protocols

Support tickets are the fastest and most efficient way for you to get help with your issue. To make sure that we can respond to and resolve your issue as quickly as possible, we request that all issue ticket submissions contain the following:

  1. A Short, Clear Subject Line: Include a subject line that quickly identifies the issue. A good subject line can sometimes help us identify the issue and priority level right away.Examples of good subject lines are: “ site is down” or “Company ABC NextCloud is loading slower than usual”.
  2. A Description of the Issue: Please provide a full description of your problem, and, ideally, please add the steps that you took so that we can try to replicate the issue. The more we know, the faster we can fix the issue.
  3. Screenshot(s): Add screenshots to help us further understand the issue. Sometimes a picture can replace 1000 words!
  4. One Issue Per Ticket: Please keep tickets limited to one issue per ticket. Combining issues into one ticket will slow down resolution time.