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Having trouble viewing apps in the browser? Try switching browsers. Tested on Chrome.

Do I need to have my website hosted with CanTrust to use the canWork Cloud?


Best practice is to keep your data and public facing website separate for both security and compliance reasons. You can take advantage of canWork Cloud for all your business needs and host your public facing website anywhere.

Short Videos

Nextcloud Talk

Introduction to canWork: Nextcloud Talk Meetings with colleagues, customers and partners - have a personal conversation with one click. Keep conversations private with Nextcloud Talk. Hosted in Canada, on Canadian soil. This video is directly from Nextcloud [...]

Nextcloud Calendar: Meeting Invite

Set a meeting with your co-worker and automatically create a talk room Create a meeting in Nextcloud and invite a co-worker with automatic meeting room created in Nextcloud Talk Click on date Give your event a title [...]

Nextcloud Talk link from Calendar Invite

Finding your Nextcloud Talk link, created in your calendar invite. After creating a meeting in Nextcloud, you can use that link created in Talk immediately Now you have a conversation link for this specific meeting. This can [...]

Create a Poll

Nextcloud Polls: set up and share A polls app, similar to doodle/dudle with the possibility to restrict access (members, certain groups/users, hidden and public). Start at your Dashboard Go to Polls Create a Poll Add your email [...]

Share photos in Nextcloud

Uploading and sharing photos in canWork: Nextcloud Quick and easy upload batches of photos and share it with teammates or friends and family Start in your Dashboard Go to files Find or create the folder you want [...]

How to Share a File

Share a file or folder in Nextcloud. You can share a file to an email address, another user, or as public (secure / password protected) link. Dashboard Go to the file (or folder) you want to share [...]

Create a file-drop upload folder

Create and share an upload folder for your team. Share and link large files easily. Need to collaborate and gather documents in Nextcloud? This video shows you how to create a folder and share it as a link for [...]

How to Use a Password Manager File

Open a password manager file. Open and copy a password from a folder in Nextcloud. Open the file, not through the app at the top. Password file is already created and in a folder in your Nextcloud. [...]

Create a simple form

An easier way to collaborate. A simple form to gather information easily. A simple multiple choice form in Nextcloud: canWork Dashboard Go to Forms Create new form Add your description or notes Add your question Add answer [...]

Nextcloud calendar set-up on a Mac desktop

Set-up your Nextcloud calendar on a Mac desktop. Open Nextcloud and open the Calendar app. Scroll down the bottom left click "Settings and Import" for the calendar settings, scroll down to the very bottom link: copy iOS/macOS [...]

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