All of our hosting packages include nightly backups of files and database, including offsite and offline copies.

Mission critical websites that are always taking on customer data usually require additional backup protection. This add-on for VPS hosting customers adds enterprise-grade offsite backups to your sever along with a priority support SLA. Features include:

  • Hourly non-blocking database backups: (zero downtime / non-blocking)
  • Hourly off-site backups of files and database: (1 hour Recovery Point Objective)
  • Priority support SLA for restores: (1 hour Recovery Time Objective)

Why would you need this add-on?

If your site is a web store, a user community, a web application portal or intranet, then our standard overnight backups could lead to unacceptable data loss. For example, imagine a web store that takes in customer orders all day long during a busy shopping holiday, but then breaks during a plugin update at 5:30PM that afternoon, after receiving 100 customer orders. The site cannot be rolled back to the previous evening’s backup without losing an entire day of orders. But with the Enterprise Hourly Backups add-on, the site could be restored to the nearest hourly snapshot over the past 24 hours. If the site in our example broke at 5:30PM, we could restore the working files and database from 5PM, losing only 30 minutes of orders versus an entire day.

Another example of where these backups are most useful is a hacker/ransomware attack. In these cases,  all the site’s files and data are safe in hourly snapshots. Even if the data is encrypted/destroyed, there are still hourly backups available that allow recovery to within an hour of the problem starting. The same applies for total loss scenarios such as a fire or flood at the colocation facility. The hourly backup schedule combined with the offsite backup allows for recovery with only one hour of data loss.

In both these examples, you will need this additional backup protection if your site is taking on custom data throughout the day, and restoring the previous evening’s backup would cause unacceptable loss of data.