Managed Virtual Private Server

We offer Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages for organizations who require them.  

With a CanTrust Managed VPS, we install and configure the server and get your application(s) running for you.  We then maintain a sudo account for root access to the server and are responsible for security updates, backups, maintenance, and further setup and troubleshooting as you need.  We setup and run the server for you, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

However a VPS is usually not appropriate for the majority of customers.  Their technical needs and budget are far better served by managed shared hosting.

Here are some situations where a VPS may be appropriate for you:

  • You have custom code that needs to run with root access
  • You require patches or specially built versions of PHP or other standard libraries.
  • You have a large enough number of sites to host that it is cheaper to run and support your own server than to use multiple shared hosting accounts.
  • You require the very utmost security for your data


VPS Pricing

We price VPS's as follows, in Canadian dollars:

  • $50/month mandatory management fee (this covers up to 1 hour of time per month for security updates, maintenance, restoring from backups, etc).
  • $25/month/GB of RAM.   A complex and busy custom Drupal site can often require 8GB of RAM minimum.  A quiet Drupal site or Wordpress site should work fine with 4GB.
  • Disk Space:  25GB disk space included per GB of RAM.  Additional disk space is charged at $0.25/GB/Month thereafter
  • Extra Bandwidth: Your VPS includes a month bandwidth amount that should be sufficient for your needs.  Depending on location, extra bandwidth varies from $0.25 to $2.00 per GB.  We can usually locate your VPS so that you will not go over your included bandwidth.

Popular Managed VPS Options:

  • 4GBVPS - 4GB RAM - 4 CPU Cores - 100GB Disk:  $150/month
  • 8GBVPS - 8GB RAM - 6 CPU Cores - 200GB Disk:  $250/month
  • 16GBVPS - 16GB RAM - 7 CPU Cores - 400GB Disk: $350/month
  • 32GBVPS - 32GB RAM - 7 CPU Cores - 1000GB Disk: $850/month