Our Values

We believe our co-operative has the capability to contribute positively to the wider co-operative and social economy sectors.

  • Through building social networking websites we can add value and structure to the sectors.
  • Through providing secure and affordable websites as well as user-maintainable websites we can provide options and solutions.
  • By providing online community websites we can help connect rural communities and provide them with an online presence to help support economic development.

Our priority is to create a co-operative that can grow to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations and provide these organizations with long-term, easy-to-use, Canadian-based, sustainable technology infrastructure.  Each new organization that hosts with us brings more strength to our community.

We are dedicated to the ideals of the co-operative movement and seek to share our work with others so we can all benefit.  We will be creating detailed documentation of the business process and staff training materials of our co-op.  It is our hope that this documentation will serve as a complete guide to allow other co-operatives to deploy the infrastructure.  As no one geographic location can provide local country hosting to all locales, we see this as an essential step in proliferating the savings of Open Source web solutions and our governance model to co-operatives everywhere.