Our Team

Our co-operative team is comprised of our first three members: Mack Hardy, Damien Norris and Robin Puga.

Mack Hardy is a software engineer who works extensively with Drupal and Open Source software.  Mack holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in Information Systems and Marketing.  He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Mack's contributions to the co-op include expert skills in information architecture, project management and software development.  Mack will be actively engaged in project management and development of the tools, as well as directly mentoring and training junior programmers.

Damien Norris has over 20 years professional experience in enterprise level Internet architecture, development and support.  He has extensively supported mission critical enterprise hosting infrastructure in both Windows and Unix environments.  He has worked in the roles of developer, database programmer, project manager, network administrator, support specialist, and graphic designer.  Damien lives in North Vancouver British Columbia.  Damien contributes an in-depth knowledge of system architecture and design, as well managing technical support and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Robin Puga is a software engineer who has been documenting and developing custom content management systems for over 15 years. He earned his Bachelor of Science with distinction from the University of Victoria where he specialized in Software Engineering. Robin developed software for private industry for a number of years; including a documenting NCompass Labs' (pre-Micro$oft) Site Server project.  In 2000, Robin started a web development company specialising in affordable Open Source web solutions, providing non-technical users with the ability to update their own websites. Robin joined the British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS) in 2002 to help enhance the Institute’s information technology facilities.  He served as Technology Director there until 2008; his favourite contribution during that time was to help coordinate the publishing of Youth Reinventing Co-operatives – a book about youth co-operatives around the world.  Robin has since returned his focus to web develoment and community-based web solutions.