About Us

Our worker co-operative1 is owned and operated by its core members: Robin Puga, Mack Hardy, and Damien Norris. We are Vancouver-based Software Engineers with a combined experience of over 50 years professional web site creation and consulting. Our unique combination of experience and expertise allows us to provide:

  • Scalable, secure and stable Canadian-based web, email, and virtual server hosting
  • Managed Drupal Content Management System (CMS) hosting
  • Specialty Linux hosting: Search servers, Mapping servers, Chat servers, custom applications in any language
  • Consultation for technology project development
  • Office computer security audits and network setup
  • Education and engagement programs (Drupal CMS training, etc.)

We provide community-focused web hosting at affordable prices to our clients, many of whom are like-minded social economy organizations. We are driven by the triple-bottom-line (also known as "people, planet, profit") and we walk our talk.

CanTrust Hosting Co-operative Worker Owners in 2009

1. A worker co-operatives is a business that is entirely owned and operated by the people who work for the business.  You can find worker co-ops in all sectors of the economy and ranging in size from a few employees to multi-billion dollar companies with thousands of employees. Regardless of how they're organized, every member has equal say in the direction of their co-op, from junior employees to the highest levels of management. Learn more about co-ops in B.C. >>

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